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Counseling (Psychotherapy):
We provide counseling based upon research proven techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The counseling has a spiritual yet practical basis for application that will help to reduce symptoms and improve functioning. Counseling is an active intervention which can be time-limited or expanded based upon the treatment developed between you and your provider. We offer twice-weekly, weekly, and biweekly programs.

Medication Management (Psychopharmacology): offers evidence-based judicious prescribing of medications to treat symptoms and conditions. Our treatment approaches are those approved by the American Psychiatric Association and other expert committees. Our goal is to improve your well-being and functioning. We work very carefully to avoid or minimize side-effects of the medications we prescribe. To gain better insights on some psychiatric medications, visit NAMI medication resources.

Guardianship Evaluations: offers expert psychiatric evaluations to determine the capacity of patients to make certain decisions and/or aid in obtaining guardianship. We provide this service within our office or in the comfort of your home. We can complete most evaluations within 4 days.

Suboxone® Treatment:
Opiate or narcotic dependence is a very difficult addiction to overcome. Our program provides safe and effective office-based treatment to help patients who suffer from addiction to narcotic pain pills or heroin. Suboxone®  is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for this specific purpose. We recommend additional supportive interventions such as Narcotics Anonymous in combination with the Suboxone® treatment.

Evaluations or “Second Opinions”: offers examination to review your symptoms and current life circumstances to best understand diagnosis and treatment options. Based on our discussion and meetings, we will provide a treatment plan specifically for you.

Philosophy of Treatment:
We believe that treatment is most successful when a more comprehensive treatment approach is used, including a thorough diagnostic evaluation, appropriate psychotherapy (counseling), judiciously prescribed medication, and spiritual exploration and growth.'s Philosophy of Treatment Diagram’s Philosophy of Treatment Diagram

Conditions we treat:

Conditions Treated by Diagram
Conditions Treated by Diagram
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