Group Therapy- Choose Your Path to Wellness


GROUP THERAPY is the ultimate treatment experience that promotes wellness while targeting those symptoms that cause illness and distress. At Modern Psychiatry and Wellness, we believe in comprehensive effective treatment. If you wish to make great gains in recovery from your symptoms of DEPRESSION, STRESS, ANXIETY, WORRY, ADDICTION, or UNHEALTHY ANGER, then GROUP THERAPY is an excellent treatment option!


Moving Forward Fall 2012


Since May 2009, we have been engaged with clients to deliver great care and help with the  transformation of  many lives. In 2012 we are dedicated to do even better. Over the next several months, we will move forward with greater accessibility and  expansion of our client services, treatment programming, and digital interface.  We plan to move forward with our Genesis Recovery Program for Addictions, FOCUS program for adult ADD/ADHD,  and our RESOLVE Anger Management Program for FALL 2012. Pray with us as we embark on greater challenges.